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Business Time Scanorama was founded in 1994 by three partners / directors: Ronit Cohen,Ada Morag and Shali Hizkiahou - to respond professionally and reliably to the needs of world-wide commercial firms hosting business people in Israel and to create a suitable business atmosphere.

Today the company is managed by Shali Hizkiahou & Ronit Cohen who also serve as directors of the company.

This field includes hospitality for business people arriving in Israel, individually
or in delegations, organization of inter-organizational conferences and seminars
in Israel and abroad with production of international conferences and unique incentive groups in Israel and abroad.

Emphasis is placed on creating the proper business atmosphere between the company and its customers, and between the company and its employees - an atmosphere that will meet the organization's strategic business goals and  contributes to business development with improved performance and sales.

A suitable, conducive business atmosphere greatly contributes to business development
with improved performance and sales.


Our vast experience was accumulated over years of activity in the business world,M.I.C.E. and hotel industries.

This includes market research, multicultural studies and tailor-made tourism programs for a wide range of companies and individual clients.

Our Company credo calls for:

Personal, professional, reliable and uncompromising service for all clients and suppliers.

Tailor-made projects reflecting consistency, creativity, innovation and optimum adaptation to the business environment.

Scrupulous attention to fair play and professional ethics.

Meticulous selection of the most highly skilled professional suppliers in their respective fields.






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